A. Harvesting

Cassava roots can be harvested within 10-12 months after planting. Harvest only whatever that can be processed within 2 days. Harvest cassava preferably during the dry season to minimize occurrence of molds/rotting of tubers.


B. Pre-Drying

Partially sun-dry newly harvested roots to easily remove adhering soil materials.


C. Chipping

A 5-7 horsepower motorized chipper is currently available to deliver 2-3 tons of chips per hour. Chips include the outer brown root peel. Ideal chip thickness is 12 mm thick.


D. Drying

Spread chips on concrete pavement for 2-3 days of sun drying.


E. Granulation

The preferred SMFI format for cassava delivery is in granulated form. Cassava chips are further processed to 8-12 mm diameter form (about the size of a corn grain). Cassava granules command a higher price and is less bulky to transport.


F. Delivery

Cassava granules are placed in 50-kg sacks and delivered to the nearest SMFI designated buying stations/feed mills.