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Bonanza Hog Breeder Pellet
Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein14% Min
Crude Fiber10% Max
Crude Fat3.0% Min
Calcium0.90 - 1.0%
Phosphorus0.55% Min
Moisture12% Max
Feeding Recommendation/ GuideFeeding DaysAmount / day (kg)
From breeding up to 30 days of gestation302
From 31 to 90 days of gestation552.0 – 3
From 91 to 100 days of gestation152.5 – 3.0
For Boars:
  • For junior boar (15 months or younger), feed with Bonanza Breeder, 2.0 to 3 kg/day.
  • For senior boar (above 15 months), feed with Bonanza Breeder, 2.5 to 3.0 kg/day.
Product Features and benefitsFormulated to contain the correct levels of nutrients for normal fetal development, bigger litter size, and heavier birth weight of piglets.