Some Tips for Effective Management


FOR CAGES AND PENS, the major concerns are: poaching, biofouling, upredictable weather conditions, diseases and insufficient monitoring. To successfully operate your cage or pen, the following practices must observed:


  • Regularly inspect cages or pens on the surfaces and underwater for holes and loose rope connections.
  • Remove the floating debris like water hyacinth around the cages
  • Be aware of the climatic trends in your area and take precautionary measures to cope with occurences like typhoons that could damage cages or pens; or toxic "overturns" during colder months of the year.
  • Observe the finishers everyday especially during feeding and note any unusual change in the features or behavior of the fishes. Treat disease symptoms promptly to avoid serious crop losses.
  • For cages, install a net covering to keep bangus from jumping out of the cage.
  • Keep a daily record of farm activities and relevant observations to facilitate monitoring and troubleshooting of problems that may arise during culture.


FOR PONDS, the major concers are: fertilization, water management, reproduction, disease, and inadequate monitoring. To make your pond culture of bangus more profitable, the following practices must be observed:


  • Submit soil sample to any agency capable of doing analysis. Apply lime and fertilizer at the required amount indicated by the analysis. Good Plankton bloom will result if your pond preparation is effective.
  • Use pollution-free water for exchange. At higher density, frequent water exchange is required for better growth and quality of harvest.
  • Closely monitor the fishes and water condition to assure an early detection of disease symptoms and treatment.